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disable/enable flash cd-drive

AT+ZCDRUN=8 disable
AT+ZCDRUN=9 enable

stay online


check net-/SIMlock


0 Initializing the encryption (Insignificant SEC_ITEMS)
1 Network Lock error. (Insignificant SEC_ITEMS)
2 Network Locked
3 Unlocked or correct MCC/MNC

0 No action
1 Network lock
2 (U)SIM card lock
3 Network Lock and (U)SIM card Lock


Unlock residual time 0-5

Report signal strength +ZRSSI

+ZRSSI parameter command syntax
Command Possible response(s)
+ZRSSI <CR><LF>+ZRSSI:<rssi>,<ecio>,<rscp><CR><LF><CR><LF>

<CR><LF>+CME ERROR: <err><CR><LF>

This command is used to report signal strength.. Notice the command is used only in platform
6290 and 6246.
Defined values
3G network(registered to 3G network)
+ZRSSI: rssi,ecio,rscp
The unit of Rscp is 0.5dbm ( in 0.5 dBm step with no sign).
The unit of Ecio is 0.5db ( in 0.5 dB step with no sign).
The relation is: 2*rssi=rscp-ecio
+ZRSSI: 49,8,106
Rssidbm = -rssi = -49dbm
Eciodb = -ecio/2= -4db
Rscpdbm = - rscp /2= -53dbm
2G network(there is no ecio and rscp value when registered in 2G network ,so set
value of 1000)
+ZRSSI: rssi,1000,1000
No network e.g.
Notice! the command is used only in platform 6290 and 6246.

Set Operational Mode

AT+ZSNT=0,0,0 (Auto) - Default
AT+ZSNT=1,0,0 GPRS Only
AT+ZSNT=2,0,0 3G Only
AT+ZSNT=0,0,1 GPRS Preferred
AT+ZSNT=0,0,2 3G Preferred

Query Operational Mode

<network>: the type of current network
No Service
Limited Service
<srv_domain>: service domain
CS_ONLY: CS domain service available.
PS_ONLY: PS domain service available.
CS_PS: CS&PS domain service available.
CAMPED: camped in a cell.
Command: AT+ZPAS?
Response: +ZPAS: "GPRS","CS_PS"

Set Band Status +ZBANDI

at+zbandi=0 • Automatic (Auto) - Default
at+zbandi=1 • UMTS 850 + GSM 900/1800
at+zbandi=2 • UMTS 2100 + GSM 900/1800 (Europe)
at+zbandi=3 • UMTS 850/2100 + GSM 900/1800
at+zbandi=4 • UMTS 850/1900 + GSM 850/1900
Notice! the command is used only in platform 6290 and 6246.


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wdaniels Unlock Residual Time 0 May 24 2011, 7:33 PM EDT by wdaniels
Thread started: May 24 2011, 7:33 PM EDT  Watch
Hi, does anybody actually know what is meant by "Unlock residual time 0-5"?
I can't seem to find any information to explain what residual time is in relation to unlocking modems.
My ZTE MF112 reports "5" here but I have no idea what that means.

Also, is it necessary to have a SIM from another network inserted to tell if the unlock has worked?
+ZSEC still says 3,0 both before and after unlock attempt, so I can't quite tell if it is unlocked, but I can't afford to waste money buying a local SIM unless I'm confident I can use it :(
Any help much appreciated!
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